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Answering the embarrassing questions

embarassing_questionDeath, love, Santa Claus, homosexuality… children are very good at asking embarrassing questions!

A child is like a blank page, curious about everything, greedy for learning, impatient in front of his ignorance. In a period of his life, questions are linked up at a wild rhythm. Essential, often existential, these questionings make of your toddler a young philosopher unknown to him. When they are related to sensitive subjects, it baffles you. Nevertheless it is necessary to answer them. He is right to be curious!


“Clean up your room!”: to pass from a chore to a playful exercise

children_choreThe solutions to remedy to it exist, provided that we agree to show them the way:

1 – The toddlers until two-three years old

Do not plan to make them tidy up before two years old. They are, during this period of their life, in an intense phase of discovery of their universe and try above all to touch, to move and to study what surrounds them. On the other hand, they appreciate to find day after day the same toys: it reassures them and allows them to appropriate them and to discover them under various angles. Be thus the mainspring in tidying up, but watch as much as possible to give to every object or type of object a fixed location.


12 steps to help your child to succeed in school

help_homework1. First thing’s first

Start by explaining to your child, without put pressure on him/her, that school is very important for him/her and that you are expecting the best possible he/she can do.

2. Establish scheduled hours for studying

Every child needs a routine. Define his/her program depending on his/her age, in a quiet and pleasant environment. Help your children as much as you can, but try not falling into the trap doing your entire child’s homework.


The Most Popular Magazines about Parenting

parenting_magazineWhen you just became a parent, you will look into every source available to seek the necessary information to become an ideal parent. Taking classes, reading books and taking advice from relatives and friends are some of the fundamental ones. But other good resources of information can be found in specialized magazines on parenting. Here you will find a few of the most popular magazines with parenting topics, and a small description of their content.