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Hyperactive child: how to help him?

Hyperactivity is the object of numerous controversies … Nevertheless, this behavioral problem really exists. A living hell for the child who suffers from it, the situation is also difficult for his entourage. Dr Frédéric Kochman, a child psychiatrist, has just issued a guide to help parents to better handle this situation. Hyperactivity is a disorder […]


Finding Parenting Classes

When a child is about to be part of your life, the thought of becoming a parent usually fills you with intense anxiousness. If this is your first kid, theoretically you have no qualifications to raise a kid. This rule applies to everyone of us and so your task will be to do your best […]


The Basic Components of Parenting

It is very funny to be a parent. It is even one of the most gratifying activities. And when your child reaches the age of eighteen months, parenting challenge starts. As soon as your child will walk and know how to say a few words, you will have lost the general control of the situation. […]