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Parenting ‘Off-Piste’

Definition: ‘off-piste’ Pronounced [awf-peest] -adverb, adjective on an unprepared, trackless area e.g. 1) Skiing : away from regular ski runs: off-piste skiing, 2) Parenting : making it up as you go along : off-piste parenting


The Importance of Parental Encouragement and Support

As high school students contemplate college and attempt to navigate the challenges of high school life, parents must be clear about their role. The primary role of a high school parent is to consistently offer loving encouragement, support and guidance.

“My father and mother stand behind me.
They show me that they care.
But once in a while they remind me
That my decisions can give them a scare.”


Parenting Courses For New Parents

Being a new parent comes with several different responsibilities along with many unanswered questions. There are so many things that you as a new parent will need to know and while others will gladly offer you advice, whether you want it or not, there is nothing that can answer questions like taking a parenting course.

Why do I need a parenting course?


Attachment Parenting International – Eight Principles of Parenting

Attachment Parenting International is a non-profit group that promotes attachment parenting. An approach that builds strong emotional bonds between parents and their children is what attachment parenting is all about.

To help guide parents, Attachment Parenting International has summarized this parenting philosophy into eight main principles.

The principles of attachment parenting are:

1. Preparation for Pregnancy, Childbirth and Parenthood


The Four Pillars of Parenting – The Foundation of All Great Parents

The Four What?

So, you are probably wondering what I mean by pillars. A pillar is a vital part of a structure – or, in our case, a person – that provides support and stability. Missing or weak pillars cause you to become unstable and eventually lead to a collapse.

In each area of life, there are pillars available to help you succeed if you commit to them and work hard to strengthen and balance each one.