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6 Dangers You Need To Address To Make Your Home Child Proof

Children are a bundle of joy; however, they can also get themselves in a lot of mischief, which might have some dire consequences. Countless number of children have gotten themselves seriously injured or even killed, in the one place that is supposed to be their safe haven.

Whether you are expecting your first child, or already have a couple of them in the house, you need to take proper precautions to make sure that the kids are safe within the house. Making your home childproof is all about knowing the multiple dangers that the children might be exposed to within the house and taking adequate measures to mitigate the risk.

The following are some of the risks most children are exposed to in the house, and ways you can make your home safer for your children.

1. Poisoning

One of the greatest dangers posed to children within the house is that of poisoning. Very many children have one destination for anything they can lay their hands on-their mouths. Worse still, most medicines have very colourful packaging that may make them appear to the child as candy. Keep them as far away from the children as possible by having tall cabinets and shelves where you store them. Detergents are poisonous too; find a way of keeping them out of reach of children.

2. Falling

Many children who are just learning to walk are not very sure footed, and losing balance and falling over is quite common with them. While most of these falls are a harmless part of growing up, some of them can be fatal.

You do not want your child tumbling down a flight of stairs. Prevent this by installing safety gates at the stairwells that the children cannot open so that they cannot go up the stairs unless there is an adult. This should greatly reduce the risk.

Also, install safety nets and rails at your windows and balconies too to keep the children from falling over. The other thing is that quite a number of children get seriously injured by falling in the bathroom. Avoid tubs in showers as much as possible because these are the greatest culprits. If you must have them, then ensure the tub is made of slip proof material. Ensure the floor of the bathroom is also slip proof and only use firm bathmats that cannot easily slip.

3. Drowning

Too many children lose their lives every year by drowning. Install a fence around your swimming pool if you have one, and make sure the children cannot open the door. If possible have a separate bathroom for them (if they are grown enough to shower by themselves) which has a shower only.

4. Burns

While most cookers are tall enough to ensure that children cannot access them, there are a couple of things that can cause your child to experience burns in the house. A fire in the house for example, is dangerous not only to children but your whole family and pets too. Install smoke detectors in your home to reduce the chances of this ever happening.

Introduce a safety screen at your fire place if there is none, and make sure the children do not go near it either way as the screen can also get quite hot. Also make sure that your furnace or whichever other means you are using to heat your home is well out of reach of children.

Regulate your heater to make sure the water in the shower never goes beyond 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Children have very sensitive skin and can easily be scalded even by just a few seconds exposure to water that is too hot.

5. Cuts and bruises

Children have the ability to hurt themselves in the dandiest ways. Pieces of furniture with sharp corners for instance should be strictly avoided as they pose a risk. Go for rounded edges instead. Inspect all your windows also to make sure that none is broken, and if you ever break a glass in the house then make sure you vacuum or sweep out every single shard.

6. Electrocution

Install child proof covers on all the power outlets and inlets in the house. While it may not be possible to keep sockets out of reach of children, at least install safety precautions that will keep them from being shocked.

This guest post is written by home decor blogger Matt M. He works for a company that provides online solutions for made to measure roman blinds, for home and office.

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