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A Contested Divorce & How It May Impact On You

Florida state law currently makes use of the idea of “dissolution of marriage” to refer to the proceeding that had been termed as divorce prior to now, and are one of a growing number of states which have done this. In addition to this, the state of Florida no longer provides for the dissolution of marriage based on blame. The only satisfactory reason apart from psychological incapacity is an “irretrievably broken” partnership. The objective of such changes is to keep contested divorce cases to a minimum as well as remove the incentive which exists to allege blame when fault-based separation and divorce proceedings are allowable. Florida is not going to take the activities of the participants under consideration when selecting the terms and conditions of a dissolution of marriage any time a contested divorce does go before a judge, hence the issue of fault is mute.


The issues that might be very difficult for a few former partners to arrive at an arrangement about could normally include: a plan of residential child care along with decision making power with respect to the child or children; child support arrangements; splitting of mutual property and assets along with debt; and in some instances, spousal support payments. Any individual who’s linked to a dissolution of marriage process in the state of Florida ought to continue to be realistic and try their utmost to consider the facts of the case fairly, which is what a judge is going to do. 95% of divorce or dissolution of marriage scenarios in the United States are actually uncontested, and so the odds are good that you too can come to an agreement. A particular solution you could take advantage of in case you just aren’t able to come to terms is to bring in a third party mediator to help direct you through any talks. A lot of counties in the state of Florida will in fact request mediation before they’re going to schedule a case to be heard.


The longer a contested dissolution of marriage matter is drawn out, the more costly it becomes for those concerned, and as it drags on, chances are that bad emotions will continually build as well. Former couples that have children together are forever going to have that link, so it is really crucial they do everything feasible to avoid a contested situation and take full advantage of resources like mediation to get to a voluntarily arrangement.


If perhaps you might be experiencing a contested Jacksonville FL divorce proceeding the only responsible way to move forward is with a professional Jacksonville military divorce attorney by your side. A good custody lawyer Jacksonville Florida will provide you with the help you’re looking for.

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