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Many toddlers have had a parent try to potty train them when they were between the ages of two and three.  Many toddlers have had success at this age but there are many toddlers who are not really ready for this hurdle.

You have to try to potty train your toddler when they are ready.  Your toddlers will show you signs of being ready when they are.  Watch to see if your toddler hides to do a number two.  They may try to see what you do in the bathroom.  Many will tell their mom or dad what they have done in their diaper.  Then there are some who will ask to be changed.  These are all signs that your toddler is ready for potty training.

Parents are the ones who need to be potty trained, it is true and you have heard it before.  This is true because we as the parents are the ones who have to take time out of our busy lives to encourage our children to go potty.  If you do not take the time then your child could be in diapers when it is time for them to go to kindergarten.  I’m not saying that this is bad that is if you like to change diapers.  

When the signs have shown that your toddler is ready for potty training and you are ready to take the time then get it done.  It will only take a few days to have your toddler potty trained for the day.  Look for signs that your toddler is using his diaper for a toilet on the first day and tell your toddler that you have a potty for him to do that in.  Enforce the potty chair and try treats when it has been used.

There is a lot of information online about potty training and remember that it is a simple part of parenting.

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