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About Beatrix Potter Books

Beatrix became the friend of the world through many of her great works and achievements. She could re-invent and extend the magical Romantic era of various writers and poets through her beautiful writings that always included various positive shades of love and affection. The approach towards the plot structure and the literary devices used point towards the perpetual respect and love towards nature and all that it has to offer.

Most of the Beatrix Potter books were written and published with a select audience kept in mind: children. Her books are so interesting that children could re-develop the world with a blend of beauty that the author herself had in her mind.

The books titled The tale of Peter Rabbit (1901), The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin (1903), The Tale of Benjamin Bunny (1904), The Tale of Timmy Tiptoes (1911) are some of the most exciting works among many of the her writings. Interestingly, Beatrix Potter spent most of her life within the beautiful nature. She had spent a large part of her childhood without any friends so the lack of human companionship was replaced by a huge assortment of pets. Moreover as she was from a well to do family, most of her summers were spent living in the wild Scottish countryside. On the other hand, being from the rich family, she had the opportunity to spend some time in the wild Scottish countryside. Nature allowed her to develop many beautifully crafted thoughts in her mind and she started loving the nature.

Beatrix Potter was also an expert sketcher who could draw pictures of animals and pets of her own beautiful world. Beatrix Potter books changed people’s mindset about the mysterious and darkened wood; people could positively accept the nature’s woodland as a source of warmth and refreshment. Beatrix Potter was all the more inspired by Aesop fables and therefore her stories had moral messages with a nicely framed story for the readers. Many of Beatrix Potter Books enjoyed the status of being bestsellers.

Her books gained international bestseller appreciations. When taken under the wing of Frederick Warne & Co publication went into rotation with 28,000 copies, a huge number in those times.

There are many many well-known Beatrix Potter Characters in all Beatrix Potter Books. Be sure to visit them.

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