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About Scholarship Programs For Single Parents

Single parent families, that are those, which have only one person as the head of the family, are growing in numbers every year. Such families are usually the result of parental breakup and unwanted pregnancies. More than men, women are the ones who get into this difficult situation. They are not only required to feed the family but also support everyone emotionally.

Single mom families are commonly seen in areas wherein unemployment is rampant. A lot of times teenage single mothers are forced to stop their education and start earning because otherwise no one would take care of their kids. Due to unfinished schooling, such single mothers have a lower income capacity.

Several government, state, and various universities and colleges offer scholarship to single parents especially to female single parents who are determined to improve their earning potential. These colleges fund for their dorm fees, tuition fees and other related educational expenses.

One of the major reasons for offering scholarships to single parents is to pave the way for increasing income potential of single families. Most universities share the same global vision of giving hope and improving confidence of the single parents by offering scholarship programs.

Scholarship for single parents usually covers the tuition fees, books and other related educational expenses of the eligible candidates. Some source of scholarships for single parents also provided restrictions to those who want to avail the scholarships.

Any scholarship for single parent is offered to those single parent students who have at least one dependent child and who desperately need financial help. So, if the single parent gets married during the terms of the scholarship, her grant can get revoked.

Those single parent students who get specific support from their families, such as willingness to take care of kids while the parents are in school, may avail of full time class scholarships. For those single parents who cannot leave their children (such as in case of disabled or mentally challenged kids) may avail of single parent scholarships that offer part-time class load requirements.

Single parent students covered by scholarships for single parents are being trained to enhance their skills on writing, interpersonal communication and computer. Single parent students are also taught of the learning techniques for success and career exploration.

Many scholarship programs for single parents require that students pass their examination with a minimum grade. Just to give an example, a single parent may be required a passing grade of 3.0 grade-point averages while other students require a 2.5 GPA. There are other scholarships that ask for repayment too when the single parents finish their education.

Some scholarships for single parents have very strict attendance requirements. It is advised to look for scholarships that provide convenience and flexibility because all the single parents play double roles at their home.

As such, there are many courses and programs that single parent may choose from. But mostly, the scholarships are extended to the following courses: accounting course, business courses, computer courses, interior design, health services and office management. Depending on individual strengths and skills, single parents can select appropriate courses.

Single parents who have the desire to continue their education but lack the financial aid may search for scholarships for single parents online at the websites of universities and colleges or even government websites. You may also call or visit some colleges to check if they are offering scholarship for a single parent like you.

The scholarships for single parents are offered by many governments and states too. In case of state scholarships, single parents are granted the amount of tuition, books and dorm for two years until they finish their graduate program.

Single parents who decide to pursue their education must explain to their children the benefit of finishing their studies. Enlighten your children’s mind that before you achieve the success both of you must sacrifice for your time will be divided between your studies, work and them.

There are scholarships for single parent students, which not only help the parents but also their children. This kind of scholarship program facilitates services for their students by taking care of the children while the parent students are in school. These kinds of scholarships are limited depending on the funds of the donors of the scholarships.

Such kind of scholarship benefits not only the single parents but also their children. The services offered for children typically aim at educating and preparing children for pre-school and public school. Children from the age of 12 months of age can avail this facility throughout their school life.

It’s up to every individual single parent to understand and take advantage of scholarship programs.

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