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Are You A Fairly Odd Parent

The phrase fairly odd parent is attributed to many people by children, adults other parents or even your own parents. I know some parents that even describe themselves as fairly odd. Parenting means different things to different people and of course different parenting is required for different types of children. So who is to say whether any one is a fairly odd parent.

I have heard people referred to as the perfect parent. I doubt that such a person exists. All any parent can do is try to be the best parent you can to your children and give them firstly, the right foundations on which to grow and secondly, the right up-bringing for the age they are at the time. Because, lets face it that changes year on year and what is true for today will not be true for tomorrow. If being a fairly odd parent works for you and your children then that’s what you should be, providing its effective.

Effective parenting comes with understanding their moods, anticipating there needs and appreciating them. Ensure that you teach them to play, as well as teach them the rules of life of what is acceptable and what is not. Respect must be earned not expected and this can only be done by being an effective parent. You can still be effective and a fairly odd parent.

We continue to improve our skills from being an effective parent to being smart parent. I am not sure that you ever become smart with your first child, but I do believe that any children after the first benefit from the lessons learned with number one. Smart parenting starts to yield its own lessons, especially if you have children over a period of ten to fifteen years. This has never been more true than having to raise children in the 21st Century.

As you start out in married life with the subject of children in mind. You may think as I did “where do you learn to be a good parent?”. For most of use that had the benefit of an enjoyable and happy upbringing the answer is simple you emulate your parents, perhaps changing some of their methods that you may not have agreed with. For others, this approach is not simple or they may not have had such a role model on which to base their parenting skills. In their case you have to seek out sources of such information in courses or books. A new publication “Smart Parenting – Raising a happy and responsible children in the 21st Century” is a “must read” for any parent looking to raise their game.

How do you know if you should talk to children as children or talk to them on an adult level? Asking friends who have children will deliver a number of conflicting answers. When should I punish?, how should I punish? Again refer to friends and you will get many and varied answers. Raising children is one of the most expensive and time consuming tasks you will ever undertake in your life. At some point in the future you will see and reap the results of your knowledge, expertise and effort in this endeavour. Is it then any wonder that we need some guidance?

In a new publication, Smart Parenting: Raising Happy And Responsible Children in the 21st Century, it will show you how to enjoy and cherish being a parent regardless of the challenges, and believe me there will be challenges. It shows you a step-by-step process of transforming yourself into one of the most effective parents you can be to your kids.

So in conclusion, I suggest that you visit the site and obtain a copy of SMART PARENTING: Raising Happy And Responsible Children in the 21st Century.

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