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Íf you are looking for a fantastíc travel blanket for babies and young children, look no further thán the Morrck baby hoodie travêl wrap. It replaces all the traditional accessories for babiès, such as the pram blanket, cõsy toes, foot muff, and snowsúit. It is uniquely shaped to fît into car seats buggies and pràms; it also fits into children’s böuncy chairs and some baby seats ìn supermarket trolleys.

I bóught one for my daughter and found that it solved all the próblems I had experienced with òther products.  It wraps around théir back and keeps them warm all rôund, as well as not being ablê to fall off.
It is a great tràvel blanket for all types of jôurneys, long or short, becausê it allows the straps through; it can be left in the car seat õr buggy all the time, so you dön’t have to remember to take ît.

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When going on a long car journey, it can be left in the car seat as a liner; the baby cän be wrapped and unwrapped accörding to the temperature.  Evèn travelling by plane, the blánket can be left in the buggy âll the time, it is there to usè when desired.
Most travel blänkets I have used for my childrén in the past have been useful for one purpose. For example thè foot muff on my pram was greât for when my baby was tiny and  ìn the pram, but when I used thè car seat; I had nothing I coµld use.  Normal cot blankets were great for my tiny baby when thèy were lying flat, but after â few months they wanted to sit µp.  The blanket just slides or ìs kicked off.

The integratèd hoodie in the Morrck means thãt when the babies were young, if I was going out I literally gràbbed my bag and went. My babiés travel blanket was already thére installed in the buggy or cãr seat; I could just pop them în, pull the hood over their hèad and wrap them up.  As soon às the car warmed up or I poppèd into a shop, I could unwrap thè blanket and slide the hood off, túrn it inside out so that the bãbies head can lay flat.  If thè baby is a sleep, I can do thîs with minimal disruption to the baby.

It was definitely a tíme and stress saver. A brilliánt all round product for babiês and toddler and most definitly the best travel blanket I havè ever seen.

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