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Baby Furniture Sets – Mothers Share Buying Routines Of Childrens Bedroom Furniture

Just two months ago, a group of mothers from 3 generations (Gen Y, Gen X and Baby Boomer demographics) discussed their purchasing habits with retailers and manufacturers on purchasing kids’ bedroom furniture and baby items. This occurred at the 5th annual ‘Kids Today Convention in Bonita Springs Florida.

Although there were some differences, there were also numerous commonalities. 1 infant boomer said she found the info from other mothers as pretty helpful. She tried purchasing for children’s beds and other bed room sets for her boys baby nursery in a baby boutique or a store for kid home furniture and found it was above her budget. She registered for designer infant bedding at 1 infant boutique but this specific parent found that shopping in a consignment shop for her boys bedroom home furniture was the way to go.     
A gen Y mom utilized hand-me-down bedroom home furniture, rather than shopping at a home furniture store for her infant and put the rest of the items that she needed on her gift registry. The products she did not receive as baby gifts she purchased at Target and Kmart. She did however find lots of her ideas (such as themes for luxury infant bedding) at a boutique. She said she would buy only bed room accessories, baby bedding, other products that she thought were original in a boutique or infant shops.

All moms stressed importance on bed room furniture that would grow with their children. One baby boomer mom said she was in the process of looking for a bed that would take her toddler through high school. A Gen X mom said she would try to redecorate while keeping in mind that she wanted the décor and items to not be changed or updates until her daughter was at least 12.
I personally feel that this type of survey is tough to gauge…not only should they need to think about the age demographics but financial demographics as well.

My other friend decided to forego the changing table altogether, she would change her daughter directly on her crib mattress by utilizing a waterproof disposable pad. While another friend bought an extremely fancy changing table and a bed room set with armoires, hand carved dressers, etc.
I’m sure someone like Brittney Spears would have very various purchasing habits than somebody, the same age, but on a very modest income. So although I am sure the retailers and manufacturers were able to gather some useful info from this conference, hopefully they’re considering all the demographics of the parents interviewed.  

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