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Back to School Shopping Tips

While parents look forward to back to school time, other moms dread the anxiety with their tweens about what items to buy.  Instead of having a struggle with your kid over what or what not to buy for the school year, use these simple suggestions for a strife-free start to the academic year.

Tip #1: Sort through Your Tweens Closet –  Together with your tween look through their closet and finds out what doesn’t fit and what needs to be replaced, either because it’s worn out or no longer fits.  Once you know where you stand then you can about what things need to be bought and what your child really wants.

Tip #2:  Speak with Your Child –  Before you head out to the mall , sit down and talk with your child about what new clothing items are on their must have list – is it new boots, a jacket or a t-shirt.   They of course, will want the latest looks or what their friends think is cool. Talk to them about the difference between the needs – like a new pair of pants that fit, and wants, like the designer pair of jeans.

Tip #3: Make a List – Make a shopping list of what clothing your tween needs, and then a list of what they desiret .  You can then allocate a certain amount of your overall spending to the wants vs. the needs.  Your tween can pick out her own school clothes from her needs, but when her money is all used up, and then she’ll know it’s gone.

Tip #4: Make a Budget – Determine how much money in total you have to spend on back to school items. Plan on spending a certain amount per child.  You may have to budget more for older children, since their clothing is generally more expensive.  Make sure your children understand the total budget for school shopping.  Have them help you keep track of your purchases, so they understand just how much shopping costs.

Back to school shopping can be fraught with tension between you and your tween, but it doesn’t have to be.  Using these tips above, you can have a stress free  back to school shopping season this year.

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