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Beat The Bullies By Being A Great Parent!

There can be nothing more heart breaking than learning that your children are being bullied. When we think back to our schooldays, there was a lot of fun and name calling in the classroom and playground. But bullying is not fun and it can often ruin a child’s young life. There is a certain line that, when crossed, can cause such stress and unhappiness for the victim, that life often seems not worth living. We as parents are duty bound to ensure that our children are kept safe from harm, and that means stamping bullies out!  This article discusses a few signs that may indicate a child is being bullied, and offers a few ways to deal with this nasty problem.

What Is The Difference?

Name calling and teasing are part of growing up and few of us are lucky enough to escape this childish rite of passage. We seem to need this type of environment to develop our personalities and work out where we stack up in the pecking order of life. But on occasion this childish behaviour can escalate into something incredibly ugly. There are people who are over 80 years old who can still remember the person who bullied them at school, and this is proof of the long term damage this activity can do to us.

How Will I Know?

It is most unlikely that your kids will approach you and tell you that they are being bullied, but sadly our kids may feel embarrassed about confiding in us. They may ask if they can stay off school one day and pretend that they are unwell. We need to be able to read between the lines and ask if they are really ill or not. Some children are so traumatised by bullies that they actually self-harm themselves in order to miss school.

What Can I

If your child actually opens up to you and tells you that they are being picked on at school, let them have the floor and just digest the whole situation before saying anything. At this point you will not be able to solve the issue, you should enquire about the bully and ask for the name. But do not judge the actions of the bully or your child until you have had a good think about the information.

What If My Child Won’t Tell Me?

This is a big possibility and you need to be extremely sensitive when this occurs.  You could ask a teacher to help you in this case or perhaps a family friend that your child is close to. This can take a long time, but you must persevere for your child’s sake.

Should I Speak To The School?

This is probably the best line of action, do not tell your child to stick up for himself or use some kind of retaliation. The school will be happy to intervene and they will inform the bully’s parents as a matter of course. Make an appointment and explain in advance that this is a very serious matter. They will have had some experience in these matters and hopefully the matter will be resolved quickly.

Be Supportive

Just remember that your child really needs to understand that they have done nothing wrong, let them know you are proud of them and never get angry about such a scenario.

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