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Behavioral Parenting Training

Parents play the most critical role in the social development of a child. Parenting behavior is directly linked with a teenager’s tendency to become delinquent or develop behavioral problems. Behavioral parenting training is a scientific approach in parenting that concentrate on educating parents on how to use effective skills in managing their children. The principle behind this training is that behavioral problems in children will decrease if the basic principles of parenting are improved in the parent.

Behavioral parenting training is a highly-structured program that helps parents recognize their child’s social behavior, use proven techniques in social learning and enhance their problem-solving skills regarding family issues. Parenting training, in general, is useful even if the child is not yet born or if the couple is still in the stage of planning a family because they will learn positive parenting skills early and will be ready to put them into practice once they finally have their child.

Behavioral parenting training can occur in different settings such as schools, churches, community centers, or even at business offices. Home sessions are also available sometimes. Likewise, trainers use several approaches in behavioral parenting training.

These training programs are facilitated by professional and well-trained educators. Typically, parenting training programs take 8 up to 14 sessions, lasting 1 to 2 hours per session. Trainers follow a curriculum and employ several learning aids such as guidebooks, handouts, video resources and etcetera. TV programs, newspaper and magazine articles, pamphlets and other written resources may also be used as education materials.

A primary skill learned in behavioral parenting training is positive reinforcement. Parents will also learn how to lessen inappropriate disciplinary behavior and punishment. Behavioral parenting training can be very useful to help parents detect in their children the early signs of drug or alcohol abuse and other forms of delinquency. However, parenting training is not necessarily offered only to parents of dysfunctional or broken families. This program is for any parent who wishes to educate themselves on the principles of good parenting and learn proven effective methods of child discipline.

Parenting training programs are usually provided by parent action groups, parent support groups, and other non-profit organizations. These groups can have a nationwide reach with local chapters in cities across the country or they can be groups composed of parents within a neighborhood.

Parenting training programs deal with important factors in parenting and parent-child relationship such as the attachment of the child to the parent, parental supervision, and consistent discipline.

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