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Tips for choosing safe toys for your children

Most injuries from toys are usually minor. But sometimes toys have been proven dangerous enough to cause severe injuries or even death. Here are 10 simple tips to avoid choosing the wrong toy for your child. Read the label before buying any toy. It contains useful information for the use of the toy, the age […]


Children, Summer and the Risks

Swimming, bicycling, walking, playing ! Summer is definitely the most wonderful season for all children, but it is also at this period of the year when they are the most exposed to risks. Sun burnings, insects or animals bites are the most common. All parents know how important it is to use a high SPF […]


Hyperactive child: how to help him?

Hyperactivity is the object of numerous controversies … Nevertheless, this behavioral problem really exists. A living hell for the child who suffers from it, the situation is also difficult for his entourage. Dr Frédéric Kochman, a child psychiatrist, has just issued a guide to help parents to better handle this situation. Hyperactivity is a disorder […]