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Creating a good relationship between a new partner and your children

Dating when you are a parent is entirely different from dating when you don’t have children. As a single or divorced parent, the added responsibility of taking your children’s feelings into account can make dating stressful and nerve-wracking. Don’t forget, you’re not alone if you struggle to integrate your new partner into the family unit. […]


Online dating – a great way for single parents to start dating again

As a single parent maintaining a home, life can be very hectic. It can be difficult to find any time for yourself, let alone time to meet someone to date. Internet dating is one of the simplest new ways to connect with different people and start dating again. Below are 10 reasons why online dating […]


How to Care for Your Children and Date

Single parents or divorced parents can sometimes find it difficult to balance responsibility for their children with responsibility for their own emotional development and wellbeing. It is important to acknowledge these challenges and the opportunities they offer us to grow emotionally, do the right thing, and feel proud. Parents who separate or divorce need to […]