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Cell Phone Spy Apps Can Be a Parent’s Greatest Weapon

iPhone began the smart phone revolution back in 2007 but the cell phone spy apps came out later.  Now in addition to iPhone, you also have Nokia, Windows, and Android Spy apps to choose from.  Many parents remain reluctant to use any type of Cell Phone Spy Software however because they are unfamiliar with the new technology and how best to leverage it to protect their children.  But when it comes to monitoring and protecting children in today’s dangerous world, cell phone monitoring suites like Android or iPhone Spy Software can truly be a parent’s greatest weapon.

Watch Over Children From Afar Using Cell Phone Spy Apps

Although parents can never physically watch over children every minute of the day, they can watch over them from afar using cell phone spy apps.  Cutting edge platforms like Nokia or Android Spy include surveillance features that track cell phone location both in real-time and historically.  A parent can simply login from anywhere they can get on the Internet and instantly see their child’s location.  Just be careful and do your homework before buying because not all cell phone spy apps include this tracking feature.

Keep Tabs on New Contacts and Known Trouble Makers

With an application like Android Spy installed on your child’s smart phone, you can gain access to their entire network of contacts and friends.  To do so, be sure to look for cell phone spy apps that include the following surveillance features:

  • Contact Details
  •  Call Details
  •  Reverse Phone Look-Up
  •  IM, Chat, and Email Log

Catch Bullies and Other Potential Threats

There are so many different ways for hostile forces to communicate with your children via cell phones today, you need a way to document these contacts and potentially turn them over to the right authorities.  Applications like Android or iPhone Spy are the perfect defense against these threats because they document every phone call, email, etc. so you can quickly act whenever warranted.

Quickly Assess Potential Danger Using Spy Mode

The most cutting edge cell phone spy software apps include what is known as a Live Listen or Spy Mode.  With this feature, you can use an application like Android or iPhone Spy to remotely activate the microphone on your child’s cell phone even if the mobile isn’t turned on.  This tool allows you to quickly assess whether your child may be in danger if they are unable to answer their smart phone or in a potentially compromising situation.

Concluding Thoughts

The world is a dangerous place so parents should have no guilt about employing tools like Android Spy Software to help keep monitor and protect their children while away.

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