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Control your Phone Usage and High Bills with the T-Lock Phone Lock Block

If your phone bills are getting out of control, there is a simple solution to your phone “bill blues”; a device called T-Lock phone lock that has been in the market for several years and has helped thousands of home and business owners control their phone usage by simply restricting all undesired phone calls. This fascinating device is very easy to install and use and has the following key features:

– Restrict outbound dialing or all 1+ and 0+ calls

– You can easily program it to block international 011+ calls as well as sex and physic talk lines

– Allow specific calls while block all others

– The electronics hide behind a standard phone jack or inside a small phone box to provide anti-fraud or undetectable security

– Installs easily in a few minutes using only a screwdriver

– Works with all analog lines provided by most phone companies in the world

– FCC and UL approved

– Powered from the phone line

– It does not block emergency 911 calls

– An owner’s code will bypass all restrictions

– Memory stores the calls you want to allow

– Cut-off timer feature allows you to limit the length of all the incoming and outgoing calls (optional feature)

With all of the calling services available today your phone is an open gateway to expensive long distance calls, international calls, 1-900-976 sex and psychic numbers. These calls can range from 20 cents per minute up to $25.00 per minute for the sex or psychic lines. You can control rising telephone bills by installing a new kind of phone block restrictor that’s built right into your phone jack.

Simply replace your existing phone jack with the T-Lock and plug in your phone. Nobody will even know the phone they are using is restricted until they try to spend your money.

A 200 digit memory lets you program special numbers that you don’t want blocked by area code, prefix, or a specific number. The unit even has a secret owner’s code that allows the T-Lock to be bypassed to permit unrestricted calling.

The privacy option allows a phone to be placed in the lobby of a business on a shared line. If the line is already in use the phone connected to the T-Lock will be dead.

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