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Creating a Children’s Art Display At Home

As children grow up they look for new ways to express their creativity.  One of the most common ways is through children’s artwork.  Art comes in many different forms, from paintings, to drawings, to crafts like sculptures or pottery .

But as the works of art become more plentiful it can become quite a chore to display kids artwork around the house without overwhelming your house .  Here are some useful thoughts to create a children’s art display.

  • Designt one wall in your family room or in stairway and designate it as the family art gallery.  Consider buying inexpensive frames for a more organized look .   As your kid brings home new pieces of art, just hang them over the old ones. Periodically sort through older pieces and put them in a storage.
  • Display your kids artwork in their room.  Hang a set of clotheslines against one wall with clips and let your tween decide which pieces will get hung.
  • For bulkier artwork like sculptures or crafts, consider creating a children’s art display on a set of shelves designated for that purpose . 
  • Create a rotating kids artwork display on the refrigerator.   Each week choose one or two pictures to hang before finding them a permanent home in a frame or an art portfolio.
  • For storing artwork for the l future consider buying one or more large portfolios or clear plastic boxes for each child.  Every six months or so , sort through all the art work and save your favorite or best pieces and store them in a safe place.
  • Get out the digital camera and take good photos of your favorite pieces.  Then take all of these pictures and create a frameable photo collage. It’s a wonderful way to celebrate their creativity without having to save every last scap of paper.

Children’s artwork is a crticial way for them to display their creativity.  An important part of that process is sharing their artwork with friends and family.  Help your children feel good about their work by finding ways to display kids artwork in your home.   You never know – one day their pieces might be in a museum.

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