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Dealing With Child Support

Anytime adults that have dependent children acquire a divorce in the state of North Carolina, they are going to need to handle the topic of child support. As a rule the mother or father which hasn’t got custody of their children will most likely be required to make child support payments to the custodial parent. North Carolina utilizes what is called the “income shares” model for figuring out the appropriate sum of child support for any particular scenario. This specific model is dependant on the assumption that the children of mothers and fathers that are divorced should be eligible for the same financial contribution to their wellbeing that they would have received if their mother and father had remained married. The model also continues with the understanding that both parents will be equally accountable for the child or children financially.


Exactly how this specific sum is decided is usually with the use of a set of standard instructions that are proposed by the Conference of Chief District Judges in accordance with the North Carolina General Statutes, Section 50-13.4. The income of the two parents is used to work out their relative contribution towards the entire amount set forth by the recommendations. For instance, imagine that the guideline figure for supporting a single child was $500, and the mother had primary custody of the child. If the father received $3,000 a month, and the mother made $1,500 monthly, the father will be making 66.6% of the former couple’s overall combined earnings. Consequently he would be required to pay 66.6% of the $500 decided by the regulations, and that is $333.


You have to bear in mind that initial child support payment instructions aren’t fixed. In the state of North Carolina, a motion to modify child support payment amounts could be filed anytime the income levels of the individuals concerned changes significantly. Should the latest economic dynamic, when applied to the guidelines, could create a difference in the present payment of 15% or more, an adjustment can be in order.


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