Don’t Break the Bank on Back to School Supplies

Are you dreading back to school because all you can see is the money flying out of your wallet ?  Back to school costs can really add up as you spend money on clothing, supplies and fees.   But you don’t have to spend a bundle to outfit your children for the school year.   Here are some quick tips for maximizing that back to school budget .

–          Ask for the list – most classroom teachers will put a list of required and suggested needs for the school year.  This is usually available before the start of school , so make sure you get that list as soon as possible so you can plan your purchases  – and see if anything can be re-cycled from last year.

–          Tax- Free holidays – many states now have no tax session just before back to school time . This means that many, if not all of your school supplies and back to school purchases will be exempt from sales tax – and this mean add up to huge savings for you – perhaps as much as 10% off of your bill

–          Use the Internet – you can save money on back to school items by shopping online. Browse the websites of major retailers for the best deals.     Many retailers will offer free shipping as well, so you’ll avoid the back to school crowds as well as in-store impulse purchases.

–          Buy in Bulk – keep an eye on the newspaper for two-fre deals and other bulk purchase incentives .  You can spread the reduced cost of notebooks across all of your kids, or perhaps find another family to share supplies with.

–          Don’t Mess with the List – after reviewing what supplies are required byu the school  and what you can re-use from previous years , make a list – and stick to it. This way when you won’t be tempted by impulse purchases while shoppping. If your child wants something extra, you can always have them purchase it with their own money.

Using these simple back to school money saving tips , shopping for back to school supplies with your childre doesn’t need to be a nightmare.  And soon, you’ll be relishing the sounds of the school bus in the morning – without worrying about busting your budget .

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