Emotion Coach To Turbocharge Your Parent Teenager Relationship

Before I say anything you need to know that to effectively emotion coach your teenager you don’t need to have any professional counseling qualifications or the like. By following some simple steps you can get immediate positive results to transform your parent teenager relationship.

Before I speak about action steps you can take to emotion coach your teenager and supercharge your parent teenager relationship, I want to suggest two compelling reasons that highlight the importance of emotion coaching.

Firstly, emotion coaching raises a person’s EQ or emotional intelligence. People with high emotional intelligence are better equipped to handle life and relationships. That means raising their chances of being successful. By nurturing your child’s emotional development, you are effectively building your parent teenager relationship.

Second point. Most advice on parenting tends to emphasize behavior for obvious reasons. However underneath behavior are feelings. Since most human behavior is driven by what a person feels rather than what they think, when you affirm your child’s feelings, you are naturally making a relationship. All of this means a better parent teenager relationships is being forged.

Let’s get to the point and bring to light, seven easy steps that you can put into practice right now to transform your parent teenager relationship.

Step One. Choose an experience past or present where your teenager is clearly sad, angry or fearful.

Step Two. Describe your observation to your teenager, targeting their emotional state as if the emotions experienced are perfectly normal and okay. Speak in a calm voice.

Step Three. Ask a quick question to get your teenager to confirm your observation.

Fourth. Communicate to your teen that whatever their emotional state, they must have good reasons and that any feeling is okay.

Step Five. In the next breath tell your teenager that it is not okay to hurt themselves or others or to break things.

Step Six. Ask your teenager to identify what triggered their emotional state and to describe how they felt in their own words.

Seventh. Finally request of your teenager to become a problem solver. Ask them “when you face the same circumstances again, how can you view it differently so that you will come to feel differently?”

Doing emotion coaching is simple yet so powerful in helping your teen to manage their life better. At the same time it provides a great opportunity for you to connect on a deeper level. By using this approach you can bring your parent teenager relationship to a whole new level. It really does work.

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