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Estrogen Infertility And Its Effects

There are many factors that contribute to infertility and one of these is called estrogen infertility. Each one of the hormones involved in reproduction plays a significant role and estrogen is the major female reproductive hormone, same as testosterone for men. Symptoms that you lack estrogen can take the form of headaches, hot flashes, night sweats and also vaginal dryness. It is also notable that low quantities of estrogen can lead to infertility in varied ways:

Because estrogen directs the uterus to form a lining that receives the zygote, even if every other process has succeeded before that, if there is not enough lining then the fertilized egg won’t implant in the uterus’ wall.

Estrogen stimulates the mucus produced at the cervix making it less gelatinous and much easier for the sperm to swim through and reaching the ovum.

Having low estrogen could cause you not to ovulate.

Having high levels of estrogen relative to progesterone will also cause you some difficulties. You are in risk of having high estrogen level if you are eating improperly, under stress, obese or if you are exposed to other sources of estrogen. This may either be by means of hormone replacement therapy or by environmental sources. This may also bring about estrogen infertility if you aren’t careful.

So how do you know if you have excessive estrogen? You will be experiencing headaches, too much weight gain, nervousness, heart palpitations, irregular menstruation, depression and even digestive concerns. However the enumerated symptoms may also signal low estrogen levels, so it’s vital to get yourself checked every so often.

Significant note: having the right concentration of estrogen is necessary for fertility. To have either high or low estrogen levels contributes to the same thing: estrogen infertility. The good thing is that this can be prevented through medication and through good and proper supervision and it won’t hinder you from getting pregnant. There are also natural remedies that are useful. Tofu and yams are known for estrogenic value but not many medical literature has publicize their benefits.

Indeed it is significant from a medical perspective to diagnose and treat low estrogen concentration since this may cause emotional and psychological effects from late puberty and hampered fertility. Upon suspicions of an infertility problem, take note of certain things like cervical mucus changes. To take the basal body temperature and to note the cervical position changes is necessary since this can help in the detection and treatment of fertility related concerns. .

As a conclusion, there can never be anything better to resolve the issue about estrogen infertility than knowing your body that well and being aware of the warning signs that are sent to you.

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