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Fun Fitness Ideas for Kids

Are you worried that your family is turning into a sack of couch spuds ? It’s true, there are many families where most of the members would rather sit around and watch TV .  As a parent , though, you may be wondering how you can get a fit family.  One simple way is to create a family fitness challenge.

Step One – You’ll need to find some activities that everyone in the family is willing to do .  Some common fitness for kids activities include biking, hiking, walking, or swimming .  Just make sure that famil members will be willing to get in on the activity .

Step 2. Make a fit family plan that includes everyone .  Look at everyone’s schedules and see when the whole family has available time for fitness fun .   This is the best time to schedule your fit family time.   If it’s impossible to find a time when the whole family can do it together than you can create a schedule that allows everyone a block of time for exercise – ideally partnered with a parent or an older sibling.

Step Three Create the challenge.   Everyone may have different fitness goals – for parents it may be a weight goal, but for the kids it may be a time or distance goal.  Record your baseline stats and then create a chart to keep track of everyone’s progress towards their fitness goals.

Step 4 Create a fit family journal.  Look for one on the internet or you can create your own .  A good journal will have a place to track a date, the activity and the amount of time spent on the fitneess activity.

Step 5: Rewards – As a family decide on some rewards for your children reaching their fitness goals invidiually and also ones for the whole family.  It might be a movie night, a family outing, or a new item for the family to share.    Celebrate reaching goals in a healthy way.

It’s important to check with your family doctor before your start a fit family challenge, to make sure that everyone is able to participate in your shared family activity.   A fitness family challenge is also a good way to talk about other healthy habits, like a sensible diet.

And remember, while it might feel great to reach your goal, the whole point of a family fitness challenge is to encourage everyone in the family to find activities they can do on a consistent basis to stay healthy.  It’s not really about winning prizes or competing amongst family members.   It’s about making your family as a whole physically fit.


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