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Fun Outdoor Games for Children

As a parent , you want your children to stay active during the summer season .  You definitely don’t want them hanging around the house , staring at the TV or playing video games.  Here are some great outdoor games for kids that are sure to keep kids active and busy all season long.

Remember when you were a kid and spent most of the summer playing outdoors with your brothers and sisters and the rest of the neighborhood.    Remember the easy games you played?  Most likely your kids will enjoy those summer activities as well.

Water Play – Summer is a scorcher , no doubt about it.  But instead of letting the kids sit inside the air conditioning all day, bring out the water play.  Fill up some balloons with water and let them have at it. You can also buy some inexpensive water guns and keep them stocked by leaving a plastic pitcher or two outside.  Just remind kids never to throw water balloons or aim at someone’s head or face. 

You can also have races using balloons.  Take a filled water balloon and have two players line up side by side.  Place the water below between their heads and have themdash to the finish line without bursting the balloon.

Simple Outdoor Fun   Another fun outdoor children’s game is hopscotch.  You can get a quick refresher course on the rules by checking online.  Use sidewalk chalk to make the hopscotch board on your driveway or sidewalk and have the kids get hopping .

Another fun outdoor children’s game is capture the flag.  Play is simple. Split the children into two teams and give each team a different colored cloth to use as a home base.  Set the bases at opposite ends of the yard .  Set up two areas for jails or outs.  As the kids try to capture the flag and get tagged, they are “out” and get sent to jail.  If a kid reaches the out base without being tagged, she can free all the other kids .  The point of the game is to capture or steal the other team’s flag without being tagged .

Egg and Spoon Races – Don’t forget – use raw eggs for this one.  Give each tween an egg and spoon. Create a race course, ideally with some obstacles so the children can to dodge around them.  The players will need to go all the way to the finish line and return again – without breaking the egg.

There are plenty of great outdoor games for children that will keep them busy in the fresh air and away from the TV.  Get them started and you will soon be excited to discover all the other fun summer activities kids will come up with on their own.

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