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Graco Nautilus Vehicle Seat Reviews – An Introduction to Baby Car Seats

Becoming a parent for the first time involves a large amount of learning, as there are hundreds of things involved which childless individuals will have had no reason to come across prior to, nor had any incentive to learn about. When you very first discover of the impending new arrival, your thoughts will probably be taken up with decorating and equipping a nursery, buying clothes, bottles, and much much more. But numerous people don’t believe of a baby car seat until later on within the pregnancy. It’s very important to make sure you know what to look for in a seat, as after all, you’ll need one on your baby’s really first journey, from the hospital back to the house.

For this very first journey, you’ll need a seat which faces towards the rear of your vehicle. This provides the best protection in the event of an impact for an infant who is unable yet to support the weight of their own head. The seat will probably be nicely reclined backwards, providing a safe and comfortable coccoon for your infant.

It’s essential to choose a rear-facing seat that is sturdy and dependable, yet light to carry. Young babies have small frequent sleep, and the last thing you wish to do after finally getting your kid to sleep in a car journey would be to wake them by removing them from their warm and cozy seat. Having an effortlessly detachable model that is light to carry means you can ferry your infant from car to house with as small disturbance as possible.

These rear facing seats are only suitable for younger infants. Once they’ve grown to weigh around 20 pounds, or the top of their head is nearing the upper edge from the seat and thus no longer protected properly, you will need to move to a forward facing seat.

Before we finish, there are two very important things to bear in mind when purchasing a vehicle seat.

Firstly, you should be really careful when purchasing one that isn’t brand new. Even though it might see cheaper’ to obtain a second hand seat, there’s no way of knowing for certain its history. It might have been involved in an accident at some point in the past, resulting in weaknessess that might not be visible to the naked eye. These weaknesses could endanger your baby even inside a minor accident. You should only buy a used seat when you can be absolutely sure from the history – for example when buying off close friends or family.

Finally, infant car seats shouldn’t be fitted in front seats where an airbag is fitted. In an accident, the inflation from the airbag could cause serious injury or suffocation to a kid, so usually fit car seats in the rear from the automobile in this case.

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