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How to Keep Kids Safe Around the Pool

A common summer family activity is swimming .  If you have your own pool or easy access to one, this can make your summer that much more enjoyable.  But it’s important to keep in mind kids pool safety guidelines so that your summer is a fun and safe one.

There are many stories about tragedies involving kids and pools.  Many times these drowinings occur in the kids own backyards, or in neighborhood pool.  Even if you think your child is a good swimmer, no kid , not even a tween should be allowed near the water without adult supervision. Swimming pool safety is something that should be taken seriously .

Tweens rarely think about the dangers associated with water – they will jump right in after a toy or a ball and try to get it out.  They won’t wait for mom or dad to help them.  And sometimes, young children can be so frightened they won’t even cry out for help.  

What can you do to ensure your kids pool safety?  Here are a few simple guidelines :

  1. Install a pool safety fence with a child-safe lock .  Keeping the kids away from the pool unless you’re with them is a crticial factor in keeping them safe.
  2. Get then Swimming Lessons – this one seems obvious , but make sure your children know how to swim  well.  Invest in some professional lessons and get them swimming as early as possible to ensure your kids pool safety skills.
  3. Make a firm set of pool safety rules .  Number one should be never to go near a pool without adult supervision .   And tell them not to run around the edge of a pool and thereby risk falling in.  Remove all pool toys and put them away so that kids are not tempted to go after them.
  4. Always Watch Your Kids – It only takes a few seconds for a tragedy to occur.  Always have a parent or adult present at all times when children are swimming in a pool.

Just a few precautions can keep your kids safe in the pool.   Don’t be frightened by the idea of having a swimming pool – just be sure to follow some commonsense safety tips for kids pool safety.



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