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How To Keep Your Christmas Decor Non-tacky

The first weekend in December is typically the time when most people cave into temptation and forage around in the attic for the array of tacky, plasticy Christmas decorations they’ve had since 1987. Yes, this is the time of year when we adorn our walls, both external and internal with unconvincing synthetic mockups of naturally occurring objects such as acorns, stars and mistletoe, along with slight more obscure trinkets like shiny spherical hangy things and tinsel.


The of course there’s the centre piece, the authentic Scandinavian pine tree. Or if you don’t posses the cash and almost worrying levels of Crimbo-mania, the cheap imitation tree with bendy branches is a must. I have just proceeded to visualise what the backdrop to Christmas looks like for the average family, an exuberant OTT explosion of colour and tack. Getting into the Christmas spirit needn’t be like this however, you can do Christmas classy if you so wish.


The first thing to do is check out all the old tosh you have been using since Jesus was born so you don’t face the temptation to use any of it. You won’t need to withdraw a loan, or

pozyczka gotowkowa like the Poles say to pay for all this, it can be purchased very cheaply from any good general retail outlet. This means you won’t need to put ‘decorations’ on your pre-xmas list of expenses that you work out with a loan calculator, or kalkulator pożyczkowy as the Polish say.


Instead, sprinkle your house with some proverbial fairy dust by peppring it with some tasteful decorations like some roman candles for the window, a REAL tree with a measured amount of decoration, perhaps a smattering of lights, and maybe even a decorate wreath on the front door, just to let vistors know that you’re not a complete scrouge! Just don’t complain that you need an online loan or kredyty gotówkowe as the Polish sayto fund it allas the Poles say, to pay for the lot!

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