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How to Win Contests Online

If you want to save money on household items, food or even designer clothes, you will want to know how to increase your odds of winning contests online.  Big companies as well as Etsy shops  are using sweepstakes  as a means of promotion  to consumers .  

Finding  discount codes and coupons  is a piece of cake , but the competition to win free baby diapers  and other big ticket items like jewelry is fierce.  To compete  you will need to pay attention to my tips  so that you will win more prizes !  

Here is a list of secrets on how  to win blog contests  that will fill your mailbox with stuff for your home  that you got for FREE !

TIP #1

There are many ways  to find current giveaways .  One of the easiest ways to find them  is to use the filter  in Google blog search .  You can filter the results to find contests with prizes that you really want to try as well as deadlines .  For instance if you are dying for  an expensive item  that you saw in a magazine, why not search for a contest to see if you can win one for free? Or, if it’s cash you want you might be interested in entering a baby contest  to see if your little cutie will place.

TIP #2

 Speaking of being selective , only enter contests that offer items  that you really want to try .  Don’t waste time entering promotions  that are giving away items  that that you will just throw in a closet.  Only enter when you really want the item offered as a prize .


TIP #3

Follow the directions to the letter .  This step  is so elementary  that sometimes we assume that we know  precisely   what to do and miss a crucial step  that eliminates us from the blog contest .  Each set of rules  has its own basic requirements .  Some contests require  that you visit the sponsor’s website  and leave a comment telling which of the products were your favorite  or choose an item  that you would buy while others want to know what item that you would pick for your prize . 


TIP #4

Take steps to be sure that the contest manager  has your an active e-mail address where you can be contacted . 

TIP #5

If you have a Gmail , you should  change your profile settings  and set your email setting as “public”. Another way to be certain that you can be contacted if you win is to leave your email address within  your blog comment. 


TIP #6

Search  for your name as well as your screen name  to see if one of the competitions  you entered posted screen name or your given name  as winner rather than contacting you by email. 


TIP #7

Good etiquette  and an appreciative response  are good ways  to keep winning those contests . How?  If drawings  are a positive and productive experience, manufacturers  as well as bloggers will keep them coming.  Do your part to make hosting and sponsoring reviews and online blog contests  all that it should be by providing feedback, suggestions on how the manufacture may be able to improve his product  and insightful product selections if you get to choose your own prize or personalize it in any way .   


TIP #8

 When or if you when some free stuff , be sure to write an email to let the sponsor know that you received your prize  and to say thank you.  You might even write a few words stating what you like or don’t like about the item .  If all contestants give  feedback of this type, the more giveaways there will be for everyone!   



One more thing , when you win a prize from a company please remember them  in the future for your shopping needs.  Whether you win free baby products, something for yourself or your home, chances are that if the company markets one high quality item that the rest of their merchandise  with be manufactured using  the same standards. It’s only common sense  that we reward the brands  that give us an opportunity to try a product out  before actually paying for it .

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