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Information of How to Take Care of Baby’s Skin

A business that is growing everyday is the baby care market.  In America alone baby care brings in around 7.5 billion dollars every year.  Due to the baby care industry have gotten larger, mothers should now be more educated about what they are putting on their baby’s skin.

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Baby skin is a lot different then adults skin and it needs to be cared for differently.  When an infants skin is formed it is in the dark, and it is submerged in liquid.  The skin of the infant needs to adjust to a lot of changes.  As people get older their skin also get older and thickens, so therefore a baby’s skin is finer then paper and has a smooth texture.  So a baby’s skin has a lot of challenges to keep it’s moisture and to protect itself from the harsh environment.

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You must try to keep your baby’s skin pH between 4 to 6, this will ensure that the acid mantel is surely supported.  It is best to never use products that have animal products or any that have by-products.  Any fragrance could be irritating on a baby’s skin so it would be best to avoid any fragrance at all.  It is best to make sure that the product that you are considering is tested by a pediatrician and also a dermatologist also.  There are some products that are out there that try to go over this recommendation by saying that they are hypoallergenic and recommended.

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Some things that would be good for your baby’s skin is vitamin A, vitamin E, oat extract, and Shea butter.  Be sure to use very mild soap when you clean your baby.Sodium Laural Sulfate clogs pores so avoid it at all costs.  However you choose to take care of baby’s skin, enjoy bath time and the great time after.

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