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Interesting and Little Known Facts about Babies

Most people understand that babies eat a lot, sleep a lot and go through a lot of diapers. But do you know why babies move the way they do? Do you know why babies develop the way they do? Most of us don’t worry about the minutiae of infant development. Other parents decide to learn everything they can about the way their child grows and develops as it gets older.

You will never be bored with a baby! Believe it or not the things you think you know about babies might be completely false! Read on to learn more about babies and early childhood development! By the way, remember to study up on ways to stop bed wetting!

Many colors look almost identical to babies when they are born. Not only does it take a while for the synapses in a baby’s brain to fully connect, their eyes take a few months to mature as well. This is why the very best colors that you can use for a baby’s room or toys are bright primary colors. Bold and bright colors like reds and greens and blues or even white and black are the easiest colors for babies to see. Babies can’t tell the difference between pastels.

This is why a baby will sometimes choose one toy instead of another. Pastels are meant more for an adult’s sense of cuteness while the black and white things that are so often turned down are actually better for your son or daughter’s development. Your baby will know how to swim when she is born (as well as how to hold her breath). It won’t be long before your baby forgets how to do these things. This is one of the reasons many experts are in favor of women having water births. These experts believe that because infants develop as swimmers in the womb, swimming out of the womb into a new pool will help make the transition less traumatic. They believe the water helps them go from being completely dependent upon their mothers to being independent functioning creatures smoother than they do through traditional hospital births.

Even though babies can make a wailing sound as soon as they are born, the presence of actual tears does not usually occur until the baby is at least two or three weeks old. A person creates tears out of hormones that are produced when the person feels stress. This hormone secretion is the main reason that stressed out people cry: the body ridding itself of that hormone helps calm everything down. This hormone does not get created until after a baby has been born. Some babies won’t start to cry real tears until they are a few weeks old. Some babies won’t produce the hormone for a few months.

There are all sorts of great baby facts that are not part of most people’s common knowledge. The development of infants is fascinating. Parenting becomes far more enjoyable when you know a little bit more about how your baby is developing. Lastly, check out this excellent bedwetting information. Highly recommended.

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