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Interesting Observations About A Popular TV Spin-Off – Caprica Caprica

Those who love science fiction have not allowed America’s sci-fi creation Caprica to fall to the wayside despite a cold welcoming from media and news outlets. Unlike sci-fi programs from the past the TV show Caprica seems to draw the interest of both the male and female population.

Created as a follow-up to the very popular TV series Battlestar Gallactica; Caprica comes from a different angle, taking place 58 years before Battlestar Galactica existed. It explains how the robots referred to as Cylons, who were created by the humans decide that they were not treated properly and therefore plot to erase mankind. If you did not take the time to see Battlestar Galactica before watching Caprica you will notice unlike other programs where you must see the first series to understand second. That is not the case with this program. The main focus is that of two families that are introduced, whose lives keep crossing paths as events keep pulling them together.

The two-hour pilot of the program was first aired in January 2010. Ronald Moore, a well-known screenwriter and producer with a continuously growing list fan favorite in the world of science fiction enlisted the help of David Eick to make the series a reality.

Those who watch regularly will notice a significant number of recurring cast members however, the series itself is based around seven main cast members such as Eric Stoltz who plays Daniel Graystone, Paula Malcomson who plays Amanda Graystone, Alessandra Torresani who portrays character Zoe Graystone, Esai Morales who plays Joseph Adama, Sasha Roiz is Sam Adama, Magda Apanowicz portrays Lucy Rand while Polly Walker portrays Sister Clarice Willow.

Many people are surprised to learn that though Caprica is made in America filming takes place in many locations throughout Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Various scenes are actually that oath, existing buildings in British Columbia.

Caprica has now become popular in Canada and the United Kingdom. Though relatively new to television a second season is being created proving that the program is certainly making its way through the world science-fiction television.

With so many followers, you’re probably not surprised to learn that fan clubs and discussion groups have become increasingly popular giving fans an outlet to discuss what they like about the show and the characters and share what they might like to see in the future of the show. Not only on the Internet but you can find groups that actually enjoyed gathering and traveling throughout British Columbia in search of the areas and backdrops that are seen in the series.

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