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Is The Feminine Condom In The Similar Way Dependable?

Believe it or not, the condom ‘s been around for quite at some point now and history bears witness to its continuous advancement and is perhaps one of the most ancient form of unnatural pregnancy control there is. Individuals in the ancient ages have already been thinking of ways to reduce pregnancy without abstinence.

Little do they understand that their brain child and wild creativeness has set the stage for modern-day condoms as what we know it now. From sheep colon to costly silk, people have conceptualized numerous ideas on how a condom must work. Making use of animal intestines was beginning to catch on yet there were some issues regarding its overall health safety since there were accounts in those times of females getting unwell after their spouse put to use sheep intestines. They reinvented it and found out alternative methods to sterilize it and help make it reliable for use, but it remained unstable and could split apart if a couple gets a bit extremely excited.

Not only when plastic-type and latex was created did the modern day condom came into being as we see it today. And as people who are sensitive to latex demand for the formation and development of an additional form of condom, polyurethane products were now used and are at the moment marketed as a extremely thin condom for individuals who are allergic to latex. And in addition, it gave birth to the feminine condom which is also created from polyurethane.

Info were quickly sent out for individuals to know that using a female condom is simply as risk-free as the male version. Condoms by far is the most utilized contraceptive due to its ease and effectiveness. But could the feminine condom do a good job too? Since it was invented by Danish medical doctor Lesse Hessel, the female condom has done satisfactorily in many case studies and have been proven to be far better in avoiding sexually transmitted disease as it can cover a lot of of the genitals compared to the male condom and it can be economical as well since it can be washed and reused at least 3 – 4 times. It is not advisable to do so, but it is reusable unlike its male counterpart. So is it dependable? Yes, the feminine version is simply as safe as the male condom.

We all know that using condoms, male or female can prevent lots of things. Its just up to the couple on what they would desire to use.


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