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Keeping In Touch With Your Little Treasure With The Graco Baby Monitor

The Graco baby monitor makes it possible to monitor two babies in two separate rooms at the same time. It is one of the few models that are available on the market which has this excellent feature. This is great news for couples who just had twins and would want to keep an ear out for them even when they are not in the room. Even if you have two rooms for them, monitoring them will not be a problem since it can easily be done with the baby monitoring system. In the past, this function is done by using two different monitors. But the problem with this set up is interference. Both monitors are using the same frequency and by operating at the same time, they interfere with one another. This causes a muffled noise which is all that you can hear from the device.

The Graco baby monitor is the best audio monitoring device that you can get for your money. It comes in a set of two units for the nursery and two receivers that are for the parents. There are two sets of colored lights that are used as indicators of which room the device is tuned to. By having the receiver with you all the time, you can keep in touch with your baby even if you roam all over the house. The digital monitor is so advanced that your household appliances like cordless phone, TV, or wireless router will not cause any interference to it. You can also use its multiple channels to communicate more effectively.

The Graco baby monitor has an extensive range so even if you are living in a particularly large house, you will not lose touch with your little one. You can set the monitor to listen to each baby or each room for ten seconds to two minutes so there is less danger of you not hearing anything.

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