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Looking at Child Support Modification

Any time a dissolution of marriage process is final within the state of California it may seem at first glance as though all things have been determined permanently. Yet, it’s not usually the way it is, particularly when the couple that is undergoing the process have young children. Various matters may need to be revisited sooner or later in the time to come, that might involve custody in cases when there’s a material change of conditions. Spousal maintenance agreements or court orders could also need to be revised as time passes by and conditions change. However the commonest type of post-divorce action is child support modification, and this is not surprisingly for the reason that the requirements of the children often increase as they age, and the income level of either parent is generally likely to shift with time as well.


The state of California makes use of the Income Shares Model to decide child support responsibilities, and this same model is actually utilized on potential modifications. Any request for child support modification may be placed by way of the local child support agency, as well as by visiting the courthouse and consulting with the Family Law Facilitator there. One can also engage the services of a San Diego family law attorney to help you with the filing of a child support modification request. People that can look for a child support modification normally include the custodial father or mother, the non-custodial father or mother, in addition to child welfare services both local as well as out-of-state. A considerable change of circumstances has to be found in order to warrant a child support modification. In the state of California, “significant” in this particular context means a modification of the economic dynamic which, if applied to the state child support instructions, will cause a shift that is at least 20% over the existing payment level.


It’s important for individuals to understand that child support is not a “penalty” or even a payment to one’s former wife or husband. It is a fair contribution towards the fiscal needs of your child or children, and when your capability to provide changes, this alteration should rightfully be reflected in the level of child support you have to pay.


Should you have questions or worries about child support modification, speak to a San Diego custody lawyer to request a free discussion. The best divorce attorney San Diego will provide you with the assistance you need with any aspect of a San Diego CA divorce.

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