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Looking Into the Most Appropriate Ways in Which to Deal With Child Support

Whenever a couple is going through a divorce process within South Carolina a lot of things have to be decided upon, plus they are all very important and potentially emotive. Yet the issues concerning the children, such as custody and visitation rights, tend to be the most delicate of all. Thankfully, lot’s of divorcing wives and husbands act with the best interests of their kids in mind to come to an agreement concerning custody and visitation and work with each other in order to be good mothers and fathers to the children regardless of their differences. 


As soon as the issue of child custody has been decided, the non-custodial dad or mom will probably have to make child support payments to the mom or dad that has primary physical custody of the kids. In legal parlance the person making the contributions is called the obligor, and the mum or dad who’s going to be receiving the child support payments is the obligee. South Carolina utilizes what is referred to as the Income Shares Model in order to work out the quantity of child support which needs to be paid, and it is best defined through the use of a straightforward illustration.


Suppose Brad and Deborah have gotten divorced, they’ve got one son called David, and Deborah happens to be the custodial parent or obligee. For the purpose of this example we’ll say that the state regulations require $400 per month in total to care for David financially. Brad makes $3,000 per month, and Deborah brings in $2,700 per month which comes to a total of $5,700. Once you round it off Brad generates 53% of this total, therefore he will have to contribute 53% of the $400 which it takes to support David as stated by our theoretical state recommendations. Therefore Brad’s month-to-month child support contribution is $212. It ought to be noted that this payment isn’t etched in stone. As conditions change over time a modification might be necessary. 


For those who have questions or worries about child support, make contact with a Charleston custody lawyer in order to request a complimentary consultation. A good family law attorney Charleston SC can offer the assistance you need with all aspects of a Charleston SC divorce.

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