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Maintain Dignity with Nursing Homes

Inevitable undeniable fact people grow old. And when people are THAT old, they have an inclination to become more and more helpless.

Let’s be fair because only in being honest, especially with the self, could we reasonably handle “life”. In the current day’s rat-race lifestyle, everything and anything that gets in the way and slows us down in our journey to our desired importance which we succinctly term our as “future” should be eliminated. But how can we do that to our folks? The folks who cared for us and nurtured “our lives” as though it were their own, occasionally even more than they cared for themselves.

There was a point when caring for our ageing folks was an easy every-day task. We just allot certain blocks of “our time” to caring for them within the house. And we needn’t make martyr-like sacrifices to do that. But times change and we are now in an age where maintaining our old at home becomes such a big sacrifice, that we sometimes end up pertaining to them as a “nuisance”. But hey, wake up, man! Were we a nuisance to them when we were just tiny tykes who “demolished” everything in sight? When we peed and pooped anywhere we “pleased”? Did they really bitch?

Whether we adore it or not, confess. We owe so much to our elders. And our direct parents to our grandparents. How are we to retort when it is their turn to be defenseless? When it is our turn to “care for them”? We will, naturally, decide to be shamefully ungrateful and leave them to themselves. We will just say, “It is their life to each his own”. But is it wise? What will you think when the time comes for you to be treated that very same way by your own kids?

We need not disgrace ourselves by neglecting our own old kin. There are folks who’ve made a vocation in caring for “our elderly”. That is how nursing houses came to be. They even developed into establishments that include special youngsters and other such “cases” in their list of wards. They care for our “helpless” kinsfolk in our stead. Unsung heroes they are.

Nursing houses have professionalised to have service package options that give us the freedom to perform our jobs with no need to be weighed down with troubling for our powerless family members. They save us from losing time we utilize to earn and sustain our family desires and more. They give us the chance to work and save some to be in a position to pay for the care they give to our ageing folks or defenseless family. Our gratitude to man’s ingenuity and natural compassion that allowed him to make nursing houses, the outside-the-home-care system that affords us to care and love as if we ourselves were there for our own.

Isn’t life superb?


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