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One Simple Tip to Get Better Grades

Most parents want their sons to be better students, and by that we usually mean for them to get good grades.  So how can you help your daughter do better in school?  Well for one, you want to be able to effectively communicate with their teacher .  Knowing your tween’s teacher and how to talk with her will definitely position your child for academic success and better grades .   Here are some tips to do just that.

– Partner for success   – Let the teacher know that you want to be a partner in your child’s achievement .  Ask them for tips on what you can do to help ensure your kid gets better grades.

Plan a Meet and Greet – As soon as possible arrange to meet with the teacher – you might even want to schedule this before the school year starts so the teacher is not swamped.  Even a quick offer of a cup of coffee to meet and discuss the teacher’s educational approachwill make you a fast friend.  This way, as the school year progresses if any problems do arise, then you next meeting with your child’s teacher will be all the easier.

Get Involved – Teachers eagerly accept help in the classroom.  Ask your child’s teacher if there is anything you can do to help out – from being a guest reader in the classroom to helping to organize a craft .

Stay Organized Many schools and teachers – especially of younger kids use some sort of notebook, real or virtual, to communicate with parents .  This could be in the form of online messages, or a notebook or folder sent home once a week with notices, announcements and other things you need to be aware of. Find out what the procedure is for your child’s class and make sure you stay on top of school information .

– Be a Pro-Active Communicator – Sometimes better grades can be affected by events outside of school –like problems within your family or community.  If you know of a issuea , like a family member’s death or relationship issues at home, you might want to let your child’s teacher know about it.  If your child’s grades are slumping or he’s acting out in class, the teacher will appreciate having some idea as to the root cause .

As a parent, you are your kid’s chief advocate for being a better student and getting better grades.  Having a good relationship with your kid’s teacher is an important first step in ensuring your child’s school success .

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