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The Basic Components of Parenting

parenting_basicIt is very funny to be a parent. It is even one of the most gratifying activities. And when your child reaches the age of eighteen months, parenting challenge starts.
As soon as your child will walk and know how to say a few words, you will have lost the general control of the situation. Previously, you could still swing him in your arms, without any opposition. Nevertheless, as soon as he is able to run, hunting season is open!

The question is to know how far we want to succeed in our parents’ role. Do you want to catch the little brat to put him back in his bed? Do you want him to stay still at the dinner table, to brush his teeth by himself, or to put his small pajamas?
Many parents are contented with spending their days making sure that their child got up from bed, got dressed, had breakfast and left to go to school; that he will come back from school, do his homework, have dinner, tidy up his room, take his bath and go to bed.

But what about the other things? Raise him so that he acquires human qualities; that he maintains a intimate love relationship? To initiate him to more spiritual values, when do we take handle this? Between breakfast and the trip to school?
In the parenting function, the question is not so much to know WHAT, but rather HOW. All the parents in the world try to make their child to get used to get washed; all the parents try to obtain that their child eat, wash themselves and carry out certain tasks in an independent way.

But some parents will annihilate their children by approaching these topics of their education, while others will build them with a solid and healthy personality. Some will forge to their children sentimental ties for all their life, and some others will destroy all their bonds. Who makes here all the difference?

To act in the best way with each of their child, parents must have a wide range of parenting options. Flexibility is mandatory! There is no unique strategy for parents, with which they will succeed in the education of all their children. Thus, it is necessary to have a choice of strategies!parenting_challenge

The home in which you grew up certainly offered you a set of parenting options, let’s call them educational tricks. Your spouse brings also, from the childhood home, a number of educational recipes. You are now equipped with two sets of educational tactics. It is true, that often, these two collections will turn out insufficient. The more you read and get informed, the more you will have be able to face different parenting situations.

The more you participate in parenting groups, the more you discuss these problems with other parents, the more you will collect ideas. But keep in mind, that even then, no parent can still make exactly what is needed, without making mistakes. Anyway, such perfection is not necessary. What is necessary is to be clearly stimulated by a positive intention and to bring a protective structure.

Raising children, what a difficult task! We have to do our best. Keep your mind on everything that can help the development of a healthy, intelligent, comprehensive child. It can look discouraging – and for good reason. But there is no other alternative than try your best to concentrate on every aspect of a child development.

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