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Peer Group Activities and How They Tend To Affect Kids

How does one understand peer group activities, that's from childhood progressing to maturity? Have they influenced you in any way in your life? Majority of people take that peer pressure only exist during childhood and adolescent stage. In general understanding, peer group activities (peer pressure) has effects on both young, those in teen stage and grownups.

Some of the reasons for peer pressure could be due to moves watched as a group, parties and so on. I know if I say this, the majority of you won't like; but I have to say that the power of peer group activities is more critical as it teaches a person many things and as you actually know “experience is the best teacher.”

How does peer pressure affect family members? It affects them in many in ways. There’ll be some strange behaviours observed by parents in their kids. As a result of children being in conflict as a consequence of their strange behavior due to peer pressure they have feelings of being rejected. Some may turn into peers for emotional hold up with their friends, sisters or brothers whom they're very close to or fond of.

Again, during a conflict between teens and their parents whereby these teens feel rejected (though they're not really rejected) they'll be seeking solace somewhere else. Look at any groups that usually make you feel filthy in the town or somewhere else. There, is where teens who feel rejected might be heading to!

As I mentioned earlier on, not only to younger people could peer group activities be influencing, but also to adults. It is felt at each level. Adults in offices or younger people in playgrounds face peer rejection especially when an individual is trying to become a part of the group. Institutions, professions and other places with social relations are all times of changeover where rejection makes an individual susceptible.

On the other hand, it can play a major role in developing an individual's conduct which would be either counter-productive or useful in a person’s personal growth. That's to say, peer group activities could be positive or negative. Remember that peer activities might be the dislikes and the likes. What a person likes or dislike would be dangerous or not damaging.

Negatively, experimentation with drugs, drinking, destruction and stealing cash are increased by interaction with the peer group. It will sound great if parents would be determined in their parenting role by grasping their children’s conduct before jumping into conclusions which will make them feel rejected. Parents should perform a role of counselling their youngsters as far as peer group activities are concerned.

If you are a parent who has bad habits, don't expect your children not to be what you are! Behave and look in a manner they finds most appropriate to copy.

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