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Personalize Your Thank You

At the end of this last school year I had many teachers that I wanted to say thanks to. I had elementary school teachers, a piano  teacher, and a guitar  teacher that had stuck out a year with my children  and made differences in their lives.

I hate buying gifts that are sure to become dust collectors or things people want to throw out but feel bad.  It is always nice to look back and remember that special person who thought enough of you to get you a gift. I also really wanted to make it more personalized then just the average gift card they would use but never remember who got them a gift . A was speaking with a friend when she mentioned a couple web sites she had discovered that had all kinds of gifts that were made to be personalized. I made note of the sites and went straight online .

There were all kinds of items like personalized baseball , personalized beer mugs,  wooden keepsake boxes  , and a way to get a personalized iPod cover. I was all over it!!! Luckily I could place my order and have it delivered pretty quickly. Hopefully my choices did not attain nick knack status. I have to admit that I may have ordered a few things for my house as well. I decided while I was at it I needed a personalized soft bag cooler . I also ordered a couple presents for upcoming birthdays. This first order was pretty hefty and had been followed by several more. I have found that a personalized thank you gift has been much more rewarding. I feel like I have a chance to express my feelings and gratitude with more than just a token gift.

And some psychology articles I have read suggest that people value things more when it has their name on it.  I really hope so as these teachers have been so valuable in my childrens life. I remember my mom and I giving my best teacher a little bell as a gift and after running into years later she still remembered me and the bell. Happy Shopping!

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