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Positive Praise for your Child’s Pride

Praising a baby correctly is crucial to the development of positive behaviors. It’s a great way to encourage constructive future behavior. Whenever you give praise you are giving your child a feeling of positive feedback, which increases their sense of confidence, self esteem and abilities.  Whenever you praise your baby, you are pointing out the way they’ve acted, an action they’ve taken, or merely who they’re. When your child looks very good, tell him so. When your child does anything that pleases you, let him know. You need to also praise a child’s effort to do well, even if it doesn’t come out so great from the end. You really should discover something each day about your kid to praise.

Be on the lookout constantly for behaviors or actions deserving of praise, but don’t be over the top about it.  Be sincere and honest in your praise. Wait for unexpected or previously unnoticed beneficial behavior and praise your little one for it.  And if you see such action or behaviors, praise immediately so the toddler will know exactly what behavior or action was deemed praiseworthy. It’s also very essential to look your little one square inside the eye once you praise him, and reinforce the beneficial behavior, action or trait being praised with a gesture such as a warm smile, a hug, scruff of the hair, or caress his face while you tell him.

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Be exact, and state precisely what action, behavior or trait you find praiseworthy.  And most importantly, never directly follow praise with criticism or negative comments.  Let your toddler know what they did correct and reward them for it prior to you let them know what they did wrong and punish for misbehaving or a misdeed.
So be sure to admire and congratulate your baby and celebrate the excellent individual they’re growing into by praising their beneficial actions, behaviors and traits daily.  You’ll be building a strong sense of self within your child and you’ll grow closer as a result.

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