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Reasons to Cure a Picky Eater

To the dismay of many parents many of children are very picky eaters.   While you won’t find that they have many problems eating hamburgers , pizza or French fries, you will see that they won’t touch a healthy vegetable or a fruit if their life depended it.  These kinds of food wars often create a lot of frustration and dismay between parents and their child .  Most parents would be happy to have children who ate a wide variety of foods and don’t always require special meals.


However it is essential that you heal a picky eater, no matter how hard it may be.  While as a parent you may do it initially to make your life easier , there are more important issues at stake.  Picky eating in childhood can lead to many problems later in life, like obesity.  Picky eating can be an impediment  to your child leading a healthy and happy life.


Most picky eaters favor junk food over healthy food and this leads to lots of problems, like childhood and adult obesity, which can lead to self-esteem issues and dangerous health difficulties like heart disease and diabetes .  If your picky eater only eats fruits and vegetables, you may not have to worry about this issue.


But a troublesome eater is often an irregular eater, skipping out on the three solid meals and snacks.  Missing meals can lead to gourging on unhealthy options throughout the day, like a fast food blow out for lunch.  Regular meals and snacks help a child regulate their hunger and portion control. Bingeing and irregular eating can lead to obesity since the digestive system can get thrown off track and not properly metabolize all the calories consumed .


The second issue with picky eaters revolves around the social concerns.  A child picky eater may find themselves in socially difficult situations, leaving them  uncomfortable at playdates or school – or perhaps avoiding them all together if they have serious restrictions with what they eat.   Just as we encourage our children to get over their shyness and fears and get out there, encouraging a child to be a socially adept eater is also important.


As a mom , do yourself a favor and help your child develop a healthy attitude towards food .  Never and keep introducing new foods to her plate – research estimates that it can take up to fifteen times for a child to become comfortable with  with a new food.  And of course, set a good example yourself.  Snack on healthy food, eat your veggies and get happy over salads.   Curing a picky eater will make your parenting life that much easier.





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