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Running as Great Kid Fitness Activity

As parents, we all know that physically fit kids are healthier than non-active kids, and the medical experts agree.  Today difficult for children to get enough physical activity these days, between a cut in physical education programs,  packed school schedules, video games and the Internet.   For many kids, a team sport can be a great way to get exercise , not every kid or family has the temperament, skills or money to be team player.  But this doesn’t mean that you can’t promote kids fitness at home through the simple sport of running .

Of course, running as a kids fitness exercise has both risks and benefits.   Running can be an excellent exercise for adults, since our bodies are generally stronger with denser bones.  Kids however have a differnt physiology and while there are significant benefits to running as an exercise, they are some risks. 

Risks to Kids Running

Like any exercise your kids do , running should be overseen .  If you’re not a runner yourself, you may want to take the sport up with your kids and do it together.  

You will want to make sure that your child isn’t overdoing it with running and hurting themselves. Follow safety tips like stretching and warming up

And d on’t forget consulting with your doctor before staring any kids fitness exercise to ensure that its appropriate for your child’s health condition.  


Benefits of Running as a Kids Exercise

Luckily, running is one of those activities kids often do on their own , without much encouragement from their parents.  However free running is very different than taking up the sport of running as an organized fitness activity.  be prepared to invest  in some decent running sneakers for your kids if they start to take running seriously.

Running is also a great foundation for training for other sports, or it can become a sport in and of itself, like cross-county or track .  Your kid could also get interested in doing local 3k and 5k running races with you as ways to have fun and add some competition to the activity.

The wonderful thing about running is that it’s a kids fitness activity that can be done solo or together.   A life-long love of running is a great way to impart healthy living skills to your children.

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