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Sanity-Saving Apps for Anxious Parents

Sanity-Saving Apps for Anxious Parents

Raising children is a joyous part of life. Children often bring out the inner child in everyone, causing adults to find joy in all of the little things that often go ignored. Along with a newfound sense of energy and zest for life, children also cause a whole new set of concerns for parents.

As parents set out to make the world a safe place for their precious children, they often find it a daunting task. Anxiety about your children is natural, but today’s parents have it a little easier because of all the new technology available. From birth to graduation, parents have a number of handy apps to help them rest easier by keeping tabs on their kids.

Baby Monitor HD

New parents know all too well the sweetness of a sleeping baby. Many anxious newbies feel compelled to constantly check on their sleeping babes, just to make sure they are still breathing. Baby Monitor HD allows parents to get live feed of their baby’s crib, complete with audio and infrared capabilities.

iCam – Webcam Video Streaming

When babies start to walk, parenting becomes  a whole new ball game. If you have a large house, or just want to keep an eye your kids when you can’t be in the room, this app is for you. The iCam allows you to watch any room through your mobile device, as long as that room is stocked with a computer with the appropriate software and a web cam.

FBI Child ID


When your kids are old enough to play in the yard and neighborhood with less supervision, it’s smart to prepare for the worst…just in case. Developed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, this app could save your child’s life. It allows you to input a picture of your child, along with other important identification information, like height, weight and more. If the unthinkable happens and your child goes missing, you can instantly send the information to a law enforcement agency.

Sex Offenders Search

Use this app if you have recently moved to a new neighborhood, or if you are planning a move. It will automatically give you information on registered sex offenders in the specified area. Search by address, name or zip code. The results are then displayed on an interactive map. Click to get more information, like pictures and specific offenses.

iEmergency ICE Family PRO

Another “just in case” app, “In Case of Emergency (ICE)” allows you to keep a bunch of information in one place. Input all medical information, including allergies, doctors, medications and more, into one place for easy access. Then, when a child has an accident or other emergency, you can easily access the information.

Find My Kids–Footprints

When they grow into the preteen and teen years, kids inevitable wander a little further from home and don’t always remember to tell mom or dad where they are. Older teens and young adults may go off to teen camp or take a gap year abroad. This app allows you to track your child’s whereabouts anytime, anywhere. Using GPS technology, you can easily see if and when your child got to his or her destination, or confirm another location if you don’t know where he or she is. Parents can rest easy knowing their children are safe, without calling or texting every five minutes.


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