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Self Defence without a Stungun for Canadians

In Canada, a stungun , is a restricted weapon.   Police officers can have it and are permitted to use it – as any Canadian  who follows the horrible actions of the RCMP in the Vancouver airport knows, but a a stungun or taser , pepper spray or Mace are not allowed as a Canadian self defense product.

That applies right across the country .

Many people don’t agree that the inability of the average Canadian man or woman to arm themselves with these less lethal weapons is a good idea , but the basic fact remains – that is our law and we must obey or face the consequences .  But for Canadians who are concerned for their own personal security but cannot carry any of these self defense tools – what are they to do?

What can a parent do to  protect kids who are getting ready to leave home and move to school ?  Campus safety is a big worry for lots of parents.  Are there any good ideas that will ease their concerns ?

Happily , yes there are some useful ideas and there are even defense products that you can possess legally in Canada, that you can use to defend yourself from urban predators.  The first product that everyone can buy is a small personal alarm.  Will an alarm frighten off a hardened criminal or immediately summon a crowd to defend you?  Sadly , my guess is probably not .  But a defense alarm could very well provide you or someone you love with the advantage of surprise and those few seconds to get away . Although it won’t stop a hardened criminal or true psychopath- it might be enough to give an otherwise decent person with a couple too many drinks in them a second thought about what they’re doing.  And you might be surprised, but there actually are people who will hear an alarm and help you out .

Since the self defense products industry in Canada isn’t very big (having all the high value products as illegal gets in the way ) even defense alarms can be difficult to find.  Also, they’re a little overpriced to import from the States as you’ll often pay considerably more to ship them into Canada than they’re often worth .    But there is at least one Self Defense kit for Canada available and it features a personal/room alarm and a defence spray developed for dog attacks.

While regular pepper spray produced to be used on human attackers is illegal in the hands of Canadian consumers , it is OK to carry dog spray.  Mail delivery carries carry it all the time . 

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