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Single Parenting Situations

Single parenting is not an easy situation. Many times people are put down for being a single parent. Many times people stereotype single parents and they assume that their children will not be as well off as children in a two parent home. This has been proven to be untrue. Additionally, there are many reasons why someone may end up as a single parent. Before assuming anything, you should look into the reasons why a person may be a single parent and the challenges they face that a two parent situation may not.

Divorced Single Parent

A large amount of single parents are single because they have gone through a divorce. They still have the other parent, in most cases, that helps them out, financially and is there for the kids. Single parenting as a divorced parent can be challenging depending on the divorce and the situations surrounding it.

Many times kids in this situation have gone through a terrible experience when their parents split up. They may need extra help to be assured that they are not the reason their parents broke up.

Widowed Single Parent

When the other parent dies the remaining parent is left in a single parenting situation. It is likely the parent never thought they would deal with single parenting. Besides trying to deal with being a single parent they also are trying to deal with their loss and help their children deal with the loss. A single parent due to the death of a partner can be devastating. Children may need help dealing with the loss and adjusting to having one parent. The parent may need extra help trying to deal with their own emotions and feelings about the situation. They will not have the other parent around to help them in any way and they are truly on their own.

Traditional Single Parent

Generally speaking most people consider a person a single parent if they were never married to the child’s other parent. This is the typical single parent situation. They probably were with the other at some point, but things just didn’t work out and they ended up splitting up. This situation can be similar to a divorce situation. A single parent in this situation, though, has the advantage of the fact that they knew since they were not married that they could at some point end up a single parent. However, that does not make it less challenging.

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