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Some Common Symptoms of Infertility

Infertility is the inability to conceive.It is when a couple has been doing unprotected sex and not being able to bear children.Infertility can also mean a woman can’t carry her pregnancy the whole nine months.Infertility can be brought about by several factors.You have to learn the symptoms first before the causes of infertility.

These are some common symptoms of infertility:

When you’re suffering from irregular menstrual cycle that is less than 24 days or more than 35 days.This can mean problems in ovulation.

Irregular bleeding. For example if you are bleeding lightly or tremendously heavy and severe bleeding, you should see your doctor.When you’re bleeding for three to seven days it’s normal but you need to see a doctor if it’s beyond that period.When you are always suffering menstrual cramps, this can be one of the symptoms of infertility.

Obesity could also be a problem as well as being an underweight. The food that you eat, your eating habits or your diet practices, too much exercise or too little exercise could also cause problems.

Deadly diseases like diabetes and cancer and the likes.The disease itself can be the leading cause of infertility, particularly its strong medicines.

The chance of being infertile is high if you are 35 years old and above.

Miscarriages is one.Infertility doesn’t only include women who can’t conceive but also those who can’t carry the child the whole nine months.
If your partner has suffered STD before.Any inflammation or infection may block the passageway of the fallopian tubes that make it hard to get yourself pregnant.

Smoking and drinking habits can result to infertility.Smoking is a common factor to bring about infertility in women while drinking too much alcohol is for both men and women.

Problems on impotency and ejaculatory problems can bring about infertility.Low sperm count is learned by undergoing sperm analysis and you have to check with your doctor to be able to have that.

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