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Some Things That Your Baby Doesn’t Need

When buying baby gear it is so fun and it is easy to be sucked in by advertisers.  Everybody wants their baby to have the best, safest, and cutest items.  But babies do not require a whole lot of things, and there are many that need to be avoided.

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Fancy crib sets need to be avoided because they are not safe.  It is advised to remove all pillows, bumper pads, comforters, stuffed toys, and anything that is soft from the baby’s crib.  It is fun to decorate the nursery but do not add unneeded items to the crib. 

While you are out clothes shopping for your baby, be sure that the clothes you buy are going to be comfortable.  Price doesn’t matter.  Any baby is more comfortable in loose fitting clothing without any elastics.  Wear only cotton on your baby because it is soft to the touch unlike any synthetic material that you can find.

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In my opinion a changing table and a wipes warmer are wasted money.  When I changed my children when they were babies I found it a lot easier to do it on the floor with them laying on a blanket.  It is also safer for when the baby starts to roll.  The wipe warmer can dry out the wipes and you need to change the baby where it is.

Physical therapists and paediatricians both do not recommend that you put your baby into a baby walker.  Using a walker hinders the natural development of the baby and they are related to many injuries and even death each year.

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Special baby laundry soap is not needed.  The only difference between your laundry soap and baby laundry soap is fragrance.  If there is a reaction then try using less soap or just hot water.

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