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Summer Overnight Camps – Is Your Child Ready?

Is your son ready for a summer sleep away camp ?  As the school year winds down you’re probably trying to decide what to do with your children this season , especiallyif you and your husband both work .  You may be curious , and your kid may be curious about sleepaway camp.  And you’re wondering – is she ready?

If you attended a summer overnight camp , then you probably know what the experience is like and that will help you determine if your child is ready or not.  But if you didn’t, here are some tips to help you make that decision. 

If your child is interested and other of his or her friends are heading off to summer sleepaway camp , then your own kid may be ready.   If your daughter shows no signs of being able to contemplate an extended period of time away from you, then that mayalso be a key factor in judging their preparedeness .

Has your son successfully handled sleepovers before, without getting homesick, then she or he may be ready for an overnight summer camp program.  Another guideline to help him be ready for the experience – see if some of his friends will also be attending an overnight camp and try to see if you can send him to the same one.

Not all summer overnight camps span the entire summer .  You may want to just send your new camper for a shorter one to two week session instead of signing him up for the whole summer.  However, sometimesthe camp experience is enhanced for your child by being longer, rather than shorter, allowing him to develop a greater sense of independence and deeper friendships.

Another thing to consider is your kid’s level of independence and responsibility .  Can your daughter keep track of his or her own things, handle washing their own clothes and managing their camp allowance?  If not, it may be a sign that your child isn’t quite ready.  On the other hand, a summer overnight camp may be the perfect way for your child to get a handle on these skills.

There really is no one way to tell if your child is ready for an overnight summer camp.  You will have to judge for yourself if your son is ready and if you have some concerns, whether the camp experience, with its reliance on building independence will help or hurt your child.  If your child isn’t ready, never fear – there is always next year.

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